Battle with the Northwind
Retells the S'Klallam folktale of a squirrel and a wren that outwitted and subdued the northiwind to end a time of bitter cold and harsh conditions for the S'Klallam people.
From the South Campus Totem Pole Carvings - Dale Faulstich, Lead Carver and Designer.
Assistant Carvers: Nathan Gilles and Ed Charles. Volunteer Carver: Harry Burlingone. Photo by Dale Faulstich

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Jamestown Family Health Clinic



808 North 5th Ave.,
Sequim, WA 98382


Clinic Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Olympic Medical Center Lab Hours only:
(Located in the Jamestown Health Clinic)
Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No Lab services on weekends.


The Tribe operates the Jamestown Family Health Clinic in the City of Sequim to provide primary health care services to Tribal citizens and non tribal community members seeking quality care.   

Community members may contact Jamestown Family Health Clinic at 360-683-5900.

Tribal citizens are the priority population for services and are encouraged to receive services through the Clinic.  Tribal citizens who need assistance accessing clinic services may contact Melissa Smith-Brady at 360-582-4872 or Kaitlin Buckmaster 360-582-4858.

Our Services

Our physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants specialize in care of the whole family.  We care for newborns, toddlers, adolescents, and adults of all ages.  Each of our medical providers has a unique area of interest and expertise.  Our Obstetric and Gynecology Department provides Women’s Health Care and care for pregnant women.  As a group we provide the following services:


·          Preventive care for all ages: newborns, children adolescents and adults

·          Geriatric care: including care in nursing homes or assisted living settings

·          Disease management for chronic medical conditions

·          Procedures: cardiac stress testing, casting, gynecology, and minor surgery

·          Family Planning

·          Hospital care at Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles


We provide access to a physician for our clinic patients when our clinic is closed,.  This service enables patients to speak with a physician if an urgent health situation arises and the patient feels that physician advice is needed. To access after hour physician care, please call our clinic phone number at (360) 683-5900 and our answering service will contact the on-call physician for you. We ask that you limit after hour calls to urgent situations that require our guidance.  We cannot refill routine medications, provide information regarding lab results or schedule a clinic visit through our after hour service.

You should call 911 in the event of a life threatening emergency. 

Our Clinic is affiliated with the University of Washington’s Department of Family Medicine. Our clinic serves as a rural training center for physicians from the University’s Family Medicine Residency Program.  We feel that licensed, resident physicians who join us throughout the year for advanced training are a valuable addition to our clinic.  They help maintain the quality of care that the clinic staff and physicians provide here in Sequim.  Our participation in the teaching program provides our staff with a satisfying teaching role.  It also provides us with ongoing educational opportunities and on-line resources invaluable to our practice.


Health Clinic Providers:


Family Practice:

Allen Berry, MD
Michael Crim, MD
Paul Cunningham, MD
Timothy Guthrie, MD

Lisa Wu, MD
Larri Ann Mishko, DO
Thomas Locke, MD
Kevin Rullman, DO
Steve Wilson, MD
Susanna Feller, MD

Michael Anderson, PA-C
Timothy Jones, PA-C
Lisa Galbreath, PA-C
Jerry VanPelt, PA-C
Tristan Boy, ARNP
Shelby DePas, ARNP
Diane Root-Racine, ARNP
Gloria Redmond, ARNP
Kathy Shannon, ARNP
Pamela Payne, ARNP
Risa Denenberg, ARNP
Bonnie Plocher, ARNP


Carole Kalahar, ARNP


The Health Clinic is not a direct funded clinic through the Indian Health Services and, therefore cannot provide free services.  Jamestown Tribal citizens must sign up for services through the MCP before receiving services through the Health Clinic.


Jamestown Family Health Clinic
Jamestown Family Dental Clinic
Managed Care Service
for local Tribal citizens

Community Health and Wellness
for local Tribal citizens 

Health Benefits for Out-of-Area
non-local Tribal citizens


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