Lord James Balch
In 1874, a band of S'Klallams under the leadership of Lord James Balch had raised $500 in gold coin and purchased a 210-acre plot on the shores of Dungeness Bay. The settlement was named Jamestown in honor of Lord James Balch.
From the Dance Plaza House Post Carvings - Dale Faulstich, Lead Carver and Designer.
Assistant Carvers: Nathan Gilles and Ed Charles. Volunteer carvers: Harry Burlingone and Don Walsh.

S'Klallam Tribe

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Organization Chart







JKT Economic Development Authority (JST-EDA) (2 Yr Term)
Jack Grinnell, Chair, 12/31/17
Celeste Dybeck, Vice-Chair, 12/31/17
Matthew C. Adams, Secretary/Treasurer, 12/31/18
Louis Kardonsky, Member, 12/31/19

Latrisha Ollum-Suggs, Member, 12/31/17

JKT Development, Inc., (3 Yr Term)
Jack Grinnell, Chair, 12/31/19
Celeste Dybeck, Vice-Chair, 12/31/19
Matthew C. Adams, Secretary/Treasurer, 12/31/18

JKT Gaming Board, Inc.
W. Ron Allen, Chair, 12/31/17
Josh Chapman, Vice Chair, 12/31/17
Cliff Prince, Sec, 12/31/19
Paul Moore, Member, 12/31/19
Jim Haguewood , Member, 12/31/17



Culture Committee
Janet Duncan, Chair, 01/31/20
Elaine Grinnell, Vice-Chair, 01/31/18
Sheila Strong, Secretary,  01/31/18

Matthew C. Adams, 01/31/19

Liz Mueller, Member, 01/31/19
Melissa Smith, Member, 01/31/19

Election Board

Cathy MacGregor, Chair, 12/31/19

Dana Ward, Member, 12/31/18

Lana Kerr, Member, 12/31/20

Gloria Smith, Alternate, 12/31/19
Elders Committee
Les Prince, Chair, 01/31/18
Janet Duncan, Vice Chair, 01/31/18
Kathy Duncan, Secretary, 01/31/20

Steve Johnson, Member,  01/31/18
Florence Munson, Member, 01/31/19
Liz Mueller, Member, 01/31/19
Charlotte Stefano, Member, 01/31/20

Enrollment Committee
Vickie Carroll, Chair, 1/31/19
Candy Burkhart, Secretary/Treasurer, 1/31/20
Whe-Whe Olitza, 1/31/20
Josh Holden, Member, 1/31/20

Kathy Duncan, Member, 2019 

Health Committee
Merle Holden, Chair, 1/31/120
Beth Anders, Vice Chair, 1/31/19

Candy Burkhart, Sec, 1/31/18

Lisa Barrell, Member, 1/31/18

Robin Didrickson, Member 1/31/19
LaTrisha Suggs, Member, 1/31/18
Theresa Lehman, Member, 1/31/19
Rosie Zwanziger, Member, 1/31/120
Ann Adams, Member, 1/31/20

Higher Education Committee
Beth Anders, Chair, 1/31/20
Amber Jones, Vice Chair 01/31/18
Rochelle Blankenship, Sec, 1/31/20

Theresa Lehman, Member, 1/31/20
Vickie Carroll, Member, 1/31/18
Housing Improvement Program Committee
Lisa Barrell, Chair, 1/31/18
Marlene Shaw, Vice Chair, 1/31/19
Theresa Lehman, Sec, 1/31/19

Albert Fletcher, Member, 1/31/19
Elaine Grinnell, Member, 1/31/17

Jribal Gaming Commission (3 yr terms under compact)

Jeff Allen, Chair, 12/31/17

Josh Holden, Vice Chair/Secretary 12/31/19
Gideon Cauffman, Commissioner-at-Large, 12/31/18

Jamestown Community Network Committee
Candy Burkhardt, Chair, 1/31/17

Steve Johnson, Vice Chair, 1/31/17
Amber Jones, Sec,1/31/18
Vickie Carroll, Member, 1/31/18
Liz Mueller, Member, 1/31/18

Natural Resources Committee
Kurt Grinnell, Chair, 1/31/18

Matt Adams, Vice Chair, 1/31/19
Josh Chapman, Member, 1/31/18
Lisa Barrell, Member, 1/31/20
Gary Peterson, Member, 1/31/18
Lori Delorm, Member, 1/31/20
Steve Johnson, Member, 1/31/19




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