Battle with the Northwind
Retells the S'Klallam folktale of a squirrel and a wren that outwitted and subdued the northiwind to end a time of bitter cold and harsh conditions for the S'Klallam people.
From the South Campus Totem Pole Carvings - Dale Faulstich, Lead Carver and Designer.
Assistant Carvers: Nathan Gilles and Ed Charles. Volunteer Carver: Harry Burlingone. Photo by Dale Faulstich

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Tribal Mission

"The Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe seeks to be self-sufficient and to provide quality governmental programs and services to address the unique social, cultural, natural resource and economic needs of our people.  These programs and services must be managed while preserving, restoring and sustaining our Indian heritage and ensuring community continuity."

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Rob Welch - Social & Community Services Director
Loni Grinnell-Greninger - Social & Community Services Deputy Director
Dustin Brenske - Behavioral Health Supervisor
Jessica Humphries - Children's Program Coordinator
Yvette Two Rabbits and Stephanie Adams - Children's Program Assistants
Jeremy Monson - Elders Program Coordinator
Melissa Smith - Chemical Dependency Case Manager/Enrollment Officer

Casey Thrush - Housing Manager
Vickie Carroll - Cultural Coordinator
Kim Kettel - Higher Education Coordinator
Heidi Lamprecht - Scholarship Advisor & Job Training Coordinator
Christine Kiehl - Economic Services Case Manager
Florence Monson - Elders Program Assistant
Shantelle Kallappa - Administrative Assistant
Tanya Pankowski - ICW Case Worker
Janet Giammalva - Elders Meals Coordinator
Susan Adams - Elders Meals Culinary Assistant
Rachel Sullivan - Services Navigator
Mel Melmed, ANA Grant Project Manager

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Our Mission to Enhance Social Strength
Our Mission to Enhance Self-Reliance

Youth Team Development Program



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